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100% BC agricultural produce
50% of person profit goes to charity

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This one's vintage can't wait for our new one!

We ordered a little lab still to experiment with extracts and flavours for our spirits. It will be fun to play with herbs and fruits until the big one comes.

We are looking forward to experimenting with our new lab still to create truly one of a kind flavours!

Plans for our beautiful building!

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We plan to maintain the original character of the building by leaving the brick and the original windows. We will be adding wood to modernize and make the buildings more uniform. 

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About SUM Good Stuff

We believe you are the SUM of all the good you put into the world, which is why  50% of personal profit from the distillery goes to charity. This pledge was made by us co owners Thomas and Ashley. 

Our business is first and foremost about family, as a husband and wife team our work is truly a labour of love. The care we put into everything we do will be apparent when you visit our tasting room, and anytime you enjoy our quality BC Craft spirits. 

You can look forward to BC Craft Vodka in the first year, with a variety of infusions. In the second year you can look forward to a Kootenay Gin and in the the third year we will be cracking open our first batch of Whisky! Look at our indiegogo for some amazing whiskey packages for yourself or someone special. 

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